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“Watch Over” The Horse

In language, the “serv” in observing has Latin roots meaning to “watching over.” When we as farriers look at horses, we’ve committed to a very detailed act. We need to teach ourselves to “watch over.”
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Matching the Shoe to the Job

Experienced farriers say the choice should be based on a number of factors, many of which have nothing to do with the shoe itself
There is no shortage of horseshoes, in size, style or material. It will take no more than a few minutes inside a well-stocked supply store to convince anyone of that. Jeff Ridley, a farrier from Leighton, Iowa, recently was struck by that fact during a clinic at Anvil Brand’s headquarters in Lexington, Ill. The clinician was Shayne Carter of West Mountain, Utah.
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Farriers Sweat The Small Stuff To Keep Performance Horses Competing

Sore feet, abscesses occur regardless of discipline and require quick and effective hoof care
Performance horses, by the very nature of the work they are asked to do, are more prone to injuries than horses that are being used primarily for recreational riding. There are a number of studies that offer evidence that certain injuries are more likely to occur with certain disciplines, but an informal survey of several experienced farriers indicates that across disciplines, more common injuries such as sore feet and abscesses are the culprits that farriers most often have to deal with.
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What caught your attention in 2016

Check out the “most viewed” content from American Farriers Journal’s digital media platforms
The ball has dropped. Toasts have been made. Another year has passed. Father Time has relinquished his mantle to Baby New Year. But before running headlong into 2017, it’s a good time to reflect upon 2016. After all, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
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Farrier Tips

How To Make Your Rasps Last Longer

One of the most consumable tools you have in your farrier box is a rasp. In many cases, if it lasts a week, you’re doing well. Uniondale, Pa., farrier Steve Teichman’s rasps last five or six times longer.
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A Unique Approach to Frog Support

Rethinking the application of a pad results in a beneficial application for 3-day eventers

Manufacturers of hoof-care products are blessed. Although they often create products with specific intended uses and applications, the farriers they serve will likely come up with innovations on how to improve a product or use it differently.

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Keep Your Rasps Sharp And Save

Pennsylvania farrier suggests two techniques to give your tool longer life
Steve Teichman and his Chester County Farrier Associates crew get under about 15 horses a day. While that’s great for business, it also means tools and other resources wear out quicker — especially rasps.
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Farrier Tips

Need Sole Support? Raid The Toy Box

Shoeing international sport horses often forces a farrier to use some creativity to solve problems. If a horse you're shoeing needs a little extra support, U.S. Olympic team farrier Steve Teichman suggests raiding your child's toy box.
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Spotlight on Hoof Care

Path To Higher Education Pays Off For English Farrier

Mark Aikens successfully finishes an exhaustive 3-year journey toward farrier science degree
Mark Aikens of Norwich, England, recently earned his foundation degree (equivalent to an associate's degree in the United States) in farrier science from Myerscough College in Preston, England. The intensive, 3-year program is offered only to qualified, working farriers as a way for them to further their education.
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