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Apply Your Skill And Knowledge To The Foot

If you are old enough to remember, there used to be an ad in Western Horseman magazine for “Professor Beery’s Mail Order Course in Horsemanship.” This came as a set of books that would teach you how to ride a saddle horse, animal husbandry and other subjects.
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Online Extras: January/February 2017 Issue

Web-exclusive content for this issue includes:

  • Webinar with Jeff Ridley on treating hoof avulsions
  • Shoeing For A Living videos with Russ and Katie Gaudet
  • Video of Eddy Strommen demonstrating the KrosschecK Leverage Testing Device
  • Article comparing the works of David Duckett to those of William Russell
  • Veterinarians discuss soft tissue injuries of Western discipline equine athletes

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A Prelude To Understanding Duckett’s Dot

Hall Of Famer Dave Duckett stresses to attendees at the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners meeting to focus on the science that gives practitioners a common language to work from
There are noteworthy figures in farriery who are closely associated with significant developments. Whether it is a tool, forging technique or creative application, these people left a mark on the industry. But among these, only one name is universally recognized by farriers in association with external reference points of the foot.
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Reaping The Benefits Of Hoof Mapping

Colorado farrier says ELPO method provides consistency to identify and address hoof distortions
Hoof mapping is not a new idea. During a 2016 presentation at the International Hoof-Care Summit (IHCS), Steve Foxworth traced its origins to the work of pioneering farrier William Russell, as well as to more recent work by David Duckett and others.
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Booknotes: A Super Reference For Every Farrier’s Bookshelf

Scientific Horseshoeing (A reprint of the extremely rare 1906 ninth edition) By Professor William Russell
This 384-page work by Professor Russell has been a source of valid information for farriers for nearly 140 years. Hardly an article or research paper is written today without containing some reference to his work. That in itself speaks to the necessity of every farrier having this book on his or her bookshelf.
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Frank Lessiter
From the Desk of AFJ

Duckett's Dot Still Hot

As has been the case for a number of years, there's still considerable interest and controversy among farriers when it comes to the theories behind Duckett's Dot. But there's no doubt the concept has played a key role in the evaluation of the horse's hoof.

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Book Notes

Solid 100-Year-Old Primer On Essential Shoeing Principles

Notes On Shoeing For Horse-Owners By Captain V.H. Scratchley
This book offers a rare treasure of sound, basic horseshoeing principles for the normal foot. Captain V.S. Scratchley's goal in writing Notes On Shoeing For Horse-Owners in 1911 was to provide horse owners with the means to evaluate the work so they could "employ the best farrier obtainable." He presents many good arguments for the need of frequent quality hoof care.
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Museum Tour With Lee Liles

[Video] 1895 Large Shoe Board Mirrors William Russell Literature

In this video, museum director Lee Liles shows us a large shoe board made in 1895 in Washington, and resembles much of what can be found in books by William Russell. Begun as a private collection, the National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools and Hall Of Honor (Sulphur, Okla.) features one-of-a-kind items and memorabilia that has been gathered over many years. Now, in one place is an unprecedented and never-before-seen collection that contains both the conventional and the unusual — the contemporary and the obsolete.
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