"Consider taking credit cards," advise Hall Of Famer Mike DeLeonardo. "Nowadays a lot of people have debit cards and most of your credit card companies' machines take both debit and credit so it’s not a problem. "There’s now a lot of small machines out there that we can put in our truck, plug into the cigarette lighter, they have their own cell phone attached with it, it’s a little attachment.

"And it goes instantly to the client, and instantly out of their account from a debit into your account. Or if it’s a credit, ask your client, they’ll hand you their card and you’ll say credit or debit. They’ll just do the debit side of it and they’ll punch their little number in.

You can have the client’s credit card in a secure file in your computer and when you get back from the job, you just go to the computer. Run that in your machine and you'll have that money. You are not dealing with trying to get a check or trying to get a bill sent out. There is so much nowadays that is plastic that we can use to increase the income and the cash flow of our businesses.

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