Smartphones have become a useful too for farriers. From scheduling, contacting clients, invoicing, and such, it has become a tool that has improved business efficiency for farriers. Another tool, the mobile payment device, can give your business another way to collect payments (in the July/August 2012, read about a farrier whose delinquent payments have been cut by 40% through accepting mobile payments). 

Mobile payment devices can also prevent the need to go to the bank and deposit checks or cash, saving you time it would take to drive there and the longterm effect of your rig. Many models can be incorporated into your  business accounting software.

One thing that some farriers may not consider is that it can be viewed as a service your clients will appreciate. Paying with credit or debit cards have replaced cash transactions for many people. By allowing clients to pay through these means, you are likely providing a convenience. No longer will they have to remember to pick up cash at the bank or bring the checkbook. With 

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