Farrier Tips: Mobile Payments aren't for Everyone

Using mobile devices to collect credit card payments had become a convenient way for farriers to late or non-payments. While this collection method is a benefit for some, the mobile payment device may not be suitable for all businesses. For example, if you live in an area with little or no cell phone coverage, some mobile payment devices may not work and, therefore, may not be a reliable payment option. Granted you can enter it manually later (which you can also do if the reader can’t scan the card). 

Mobile payment companies, such as Intuit, can limit the amount of transactions per device. If your business consists of many one- or two-horse stops, then the mobile payment device may not be desirable.

If you don’t use a smartphone, most mobile payment devices are not going to apply to you. You can address this by using a separate handheld mobile device, but many of the providers will charge you for the device. They also are larger than the three mobile payment devices listed here. 

Lastly, if you mainly work on horses while the customer is not present, then the standard method of writing you a check or leaving cash may be more suitable. The use of the mobile payment device greatly depends on your customer base and your business needs.