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TikTok Farrier Performances

Watch on Instagram Reels as Phoebe Scholtens pokes fun at viral farriers on TikTok for their theatrical hoof care. 

Phoebe Scholtens

Laminitis Education

Listen to Veterinary Clinical Podcasts on Spotify chat with Dr. Nicola Menzies-Gow about equine laminitis. 

StallSide with Dr. Hagen

Listen to Dr. Jenny Hagen from the University of Leipzig, Germany, talk about equine biomechanics and her approach to diagnosing and treating lameness in this episode of StallSide by Rood & Riddle. 

Hoof Dynamics & the Frog

In this episode of Intelligent Design Hoof Care, K.C. La Pierre talks about the importance of the relationship between the frog spine, digital cushion and the ungular cartilages. 

U.K. Training Farrier Certification

In this episode of The Lockdown Farriery Podcast, listen as Dean Bland, BA(Hons), DipWCF(Hons), GradDipELR(RVC), Dip.Ed MAFA, talks about the pathway to becoming a training farrier in the U.K.

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