American Farriers Journal’s coverage of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s implementation of its horseshoeing rules earned two awards from the American Horse Publications’ Equine Media Awards on Saturday, June 24, 2023, in Tempe, Ariz.

AFJ’s entries collected first- and third-place honors during the annual event. “HISA Considers More Shoeing Rule Changes,” written by Jeff Cota, chronicled what a group of four United States senators called a “chaotic implementation” of the Racetrack Safety Program. HISA changed its shoeing rules multiple times en route to suspending enforcement of its traction rules for dirt races.

“You did a great job covering an important, breaking issue,” the AHP judge writes about the first-place winner in the News Reporting Related Feature Single Article category. “You have a crisp, clear writing style that clarifies the chaos of the rule changes.”

HISA Can Restore its Credibility by Communicating,” also written by Jeff Cota, suggests that the organization would do well to improve its communications with members of the farrier industry — particularly the companies that manufacture the horseshoes it is regulating.

“Like its intro, this column is punchy and powerful,” the AHP judge writes about the third-place entry in the Personal Column Single Article category. “It makes a strong case with solid examples and sound research. Great from start to finish.”

A farrier-written book captured top honors in the Equine-related Non-Fiction Book category. Steve Kraus, director of the Cornell University Farrier Program, and Katie Navarra, both AFJ contributors, won first place for Shoeing the Modern Horse. Several AFJ images captured by Cota, Jeremy McGovern and Lewis Horn were included throughout the publication. The book is published by Trafalgar Square/Horse & Rider Books.

“A valuable book for barn managers and horse owners, Shoeing the Modern Horse is comprehensive,” the judge writes. “Its organization is logical, and the table of contents and index make it easy to find information. Excellent illustrations support the content.”