Twenty-five years ago, American Farriers Journal launched Farriers Week for the equine industry to recognize farriers for their dedicated commitment to delivering hoof care to horses. From this small beginning, it has grown to an annual tradition for clients and equine businesses to take time to celebrate farriers.

Working with farriers day in and day out, the staff at American Farriers Journal knows how hard you’ve worked to get to where you’re at today. Despite the challenges and obstacles you face each day at work, you’ve managed to keep motivated to care for your clients’ horses, stay on top of your education and credentials, and contribute to your community. 

Chances are, when you started out, there was someone who helped you get your bearings in the industry; or maybe a veteran shoer who has inspired or encouraged you. Now is a great time to honor that farrier.

Spotlight on Farriers

American Farriers Journal started the “Farriers Spotlight” in 2012, which is an online-exclusive compilation dedicated to showcasing many farriers throughout the industry. The farrier tributes featured here were either submitted by members of the equine community who want to express their gratitude to the farriers who care for their horses or farriers who want to thank their mentors for invaluable lessons.

Although the original intention of Farriers Week was to provide a platform for the horse industry to reflect on all that farriers do, it has evolved into a way for farriers to pay tribute to their mentors. For some, it might require more than a week to run through all the farriers who’ve contributed to their growth and knowledge.

Honor the farrier who has made an impact in your life by completing the form below.