Stan Mullen took home top honors Sunday, April 16, as the World Championship Blacksmiths kicked off its 2023 season at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wis.

Mullen, CJF, of Williamstown, Ky., edged Chris Madrid, CJF, of Stanley, N.M., 227-225, to become the event’s overall champion. Dillon Crane, CJF, of Waxhaw, N.C., rounded out the top three with 218 points. The trio is no stranger to the top of the leaderboard. Crane is the defending national champion after outpacing Mullen and Madrid, respectively, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mineral, Va., farrier Carl Via, CJF, won the Liberty Live Shoeing on the final day to finish sixth overall. Madrid scored the best shod foot of the day.

Mullen won the Kahn Forge Class on day two with the best French hind and toe weight. Madrid captured the Blurton Matchplay championship, while Geoff Garcia, CF, of Harwood, Md., is the matchplay novice champion. Sam Sellers of Auburn, Ala., captured the Overall Novice Championship.

Mike Poe, CJF, AWCF, of Westminster, Md., was the judge.

The Roadrunner Classic is the next event on the WCB calendar. It will take place June 28-July 1 in Edgewood, N.M. The registration deadline is May 26. Andrew Neilson, CJF, of Oxford, Pa., will be the judge.