This page lists material that supplements the December 2015 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Former Arkansas Lawmaker And Farrier Offers Advice To Change The Law

Read Jim House's advice for those who wish to change the veterinary practice act in their state.

(Supplement to the article "Are You Practicing Legally?" on Page 14.)

Knowledge Is Power, So Power Me Up!

Get further hoof-care insight from Vandergrift, Pa., farrier Todd Allen.

(Supplement to the article "Footcare By Committee" on Page 18.)

Farrier Quick Takes (Scott Lampert): The Proportional Balance Protocol

Watch Scott Lampert explain the golden ratio and demonstrate his proportional balance protocol.

(Supplement to the article "Balancing The Foot With The Golden Ratio" on Page 44.)

Q&A: When you get ready to trim and place the next set of shoes on a horse, how much do you rely on reading the actual amount of wear on the existing shoes? What do you look for and how do you use this information in deciding how best to shoe the horse?

Read more advice from farriers on looking at the wear patterns of existing shoes.

(Supplement to the Hoof-Care Email Q&A on Page 47.)

Farrier Quick Takes (Sonny Pistilli): Tool For Marking Nail Holes

Watch a video of Pennsylvania farrier Sonny Pistilli showing a modified tool he uses for marking his nail holes.

(Supplement to the article "Nothing Goes To Waste In This Farrier's Shop" on Page 58.)

Shoeing For Elvis

Travel 20 years down memory lane and read about Hall Of Fame farrier Lim Couch's memories of "Shoeing For Elvis."

(Supplement to the article "All The King's Horses" on Page 61.)

How To Match Nails To Your Horseshoes

Steve Kraus provides points of consideration when selecting which nail to use in your work. This article requires a digital subscription for viewing if you have reached your 7 free premium article limit. You can also find it on Page 42 in the March 2015 issue of American Farriers Journal.

(Supplement to the article "Are You Choosing The Right Nail?" on Page 67.)

Veterinarian Quick Takes (Amy Rucker): Venograms Guiding Shoe Selection In Laminitic Horses

Watch a video of equine vet Amy Rucker describing how venograms can guide shoe selection in laminitic horses.

(Supplement to the article "How Practical Are Venograms?" on Page 72.)