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Each day, American Farriers Journal encounters a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at an aspect of the equine industry. Our favorite content for "This Week" is aggregated here. We hope it offers a useful tip to improve your hoof-care business, expands your knowledge by giving you something new to ponder, or entertains you when you need a break most.

Thursday 3 with Victory

In this episode of Thursday 3 with Victory, Ashley Gasky, CF, APF-I, of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., discusses the importance of asking for help.

Front Limb Conformation and Unsoundness

In this episode of the Farrier Focus Podcast, Dr. Doug Butler and Jacob Butler of Butler Professional Farrier School share insights on front limb conformation and unsoundness. You'll get a lot out of this episode on ways you can treat the various unsoundnesses that result front limb conformation deformities.

Blacksmith Boot Camp

In this YouTube video, Heartland Horseshoeing School kicks off season two of Blacksmith Boot Camp by documenting “What Horseshoeing School is Really Like.”

The Humble Horse Podcast: Footing Considerations

In this episode of The Humble Horse Podcast, Dr. Sarah le Jeune and Christinia Rohlf, both from the University of California, Davis, discuss footing considerations when it comes to both performance and injury. The discussion dives into recent research on footing factors that affect forces working on the equine limb.

Forging Brains: Robert Jukes

In this episode of the Forging Brains Podcast, Robert Jukes, CF, of Weatherford, Texas, discusses what it’s like growing up in Australia and moving to the United States to shoe horses. He also discusses competing on the World Championship Blacksmiths team, 4-man teams, as well as the fullers he makes.

Recurring Mass

In this Facebook post, Rood & Riddle Equine Podiatry tackle a non-healing and recurring mass on the hoof after previous attempts to remove it surgically.

Rood & Riddle

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