All horse caregivers know that when horses recognize care and dedication, they return it tenfold. The Zoetis United States Equine division is by the side of horses and their caregivers every day, helping strengthen those relationships by providing a health care portfolio designed to help horses live happier, healthier lives.

As part of the company’s Long Live the Horse campaign introduced at the 2021 American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention & Trade Show, Zoetis Equine has sharpened its core strategic focus. This refined focus recognizes that because horses add so much to the lives of the people who love and care for them, it is imperative that we help give horses the best possible care over their lifetimes in return.

“This new initiative embodies our internal mantra, ‘Ask not what your horse can do for you, ask what you can do for your horse,’” says Jen Grant, head of marketing, Zoetis U.S. Equine. “It’s a bold stance to suggest that our products and services are not about getting more out of the horse, but rather doing more for her. It’s this profound sense of purpose that fuels us and fuels the equine veterinarians and owners who represent our customer base.”

A diverse and growing portfolio supports comprehensive horse care

As a division of the world’s leading animal health company, Zoetis Equine is relentlessly committed to the industry, to horses, and to the people who love and care for them. The company fosters the horse-human bond through dedicated teams of equine veterinarians, equine sales specialists and horse-savvy customer service representatives who provide expertise and support to both equine veterinary professionals and horse owners every step of the way. As the U.S. Equine division of Zoetis has aligned its team of professionals to provide great service, it has positioned the elements in its product portfolio to address the needs of both veterinarians and horse owners.

“Veterinarians are familiar with Zoetis products, and horse owners know some of our signature offerings such as Quest Gel dewormer, Pro-Stride APS regenerative therapy device and Core EQ Innovator vaccine,” Grant says. “Now, Zoetis’ revamped marketing is making a stronger connection between its equine portfolio and what horse owners and veterinarians may need to give their horses the right care. Our evolved branding reflects our commitment to always being by the side of horses and their caregivers in providing the products, education and support to help horses live their best lives.”

With vaccines that help protect against potentially fatal diseases; diagnostic instruments that offer convenience; medications that facilitate sedation, pain management, respiratory health, and treatment of parasites among other health concerns; trailblazing regenerative medicine devices; and advanced nutritional support, Zoetis demonstrates clearly and confidently that it is a company committed to making horses and their well-being its first priority across the continuum of care and throughout the full journey of a horse’s life.

To learn more about how Zoetis is making lives better for horses and those who care for them, visit and Zoetis Equine on Facebook and Instagram.

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