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The Humble Hoof Podcast: Dr. Audrey DeClue

In this episode, Dr. Audrey DeClue discusses two serious causes of hind end movement issues — stringhalt and shivers. She also discusses symptoms, treatments and times when it affects the front limbs, as well as ways we can keep ourselves safe when handling their feet.

Insulin Resistance in Horses

Insulin Resistance is one of the fastest growing problems in today’s horse population. In this video from Life Data Labs, they will discuss the causes, symptoms, why it’s on the rise, how to feed an insulin-resistant horse and how to prevent it.

AFA: Pat Reilly

In this video, Pat Reilly, the chief of Farrier Services at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses “Fads in the Farrier Industry: Revisiting Our Response,” as the Jim Linzy Memorial Speaker at the 2021 American Farrier’s Association Convention in Arlington, Texas.

Shaping the Hind Shoe

In this video from Farrier Product Distribution, Lucedale, Miss., farrier Hank Chisholm, CJF, shapes the generic pattern Kerchaert Standard Max shoe to a hind shape.

Thursday 3 with Victory

In this episode, Shelbyville, Ky., farrier Pat Broadus, CJF, APF-I, offers advice to new farriers on how to start their business.

Mullins Farrier Podcast: Jason RoTramel

In this episode, Jason RoTramel, CJF, ASF, discusses his role in branding Kahn Forge, as well as how his business is faring and what the future holds for Vagabond Forge.

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More from this series