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The Humble Hoof: How to Be Your Farrier’s Favorite Person

In this episode, Allyssa Stratton, Beth Lynn Lewis, and Michael Linton join an informal chat about characteristics of their favorite clients and horses to work with. Scheduling, horse behavior, communication with owners and more are discussed.


Gold Circle Racing: Robbie Dawson

Farriery is an art form in many ways and a very important discipline in the equine industry. In this episode, Gold Circle Racing meets farrier Robbie Dawson from Summerveld, South Africa, who has managed to travel around the world practicing the discipline of farriery.

British Equestrian Trade Association: Mark Aiken

In this episode, Norwich, England, farrier Mark Aiken talks to BETA's Claire Williams about hoof care and working with your farrier to ensure a safe and stress free shoeing experience for you and your horse.

When Should You Start Working with Young Horses?

In this episode, Brock, Texas, farrier Lee Olsen discusses some early training on a 2-year-old horse.

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