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Nigel Fennell Builds Secretariat

In this video from Vagabond Forge, Jason RoTramel catches up with Nigel Fennell, AWCF, owner of Formans Forge in Irvine, Ky. The England native builds the muzzle for his sculpture of Secretariat.


We are Farriers

In this Facebook video, Braham, Minn., farrier Scott Lampert honors his colleagues and the horses for which they provide hoof care.

Farrier Focus Podcast: Henry Heymering

In this episode, Pete Butler talks with Henry Heymering, CJF. The Frederick, Md., farrier discusses how he got started as a farrier, how he began the American Farriers Journal and the Guild of Professional Farriers. He shares numerous experiences from his career and advice that can help you be a better farrier.

Preparing Your Horse for Winter

In this video from Life Data Labs, Mike Barker and Corbin Delaney discuss how horse owners can counteract the effects that the cold winter months have on their mounts.

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