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Farrier Focus Podcast: Ken Mankel

The Farrier Focus Podcast talks with International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Ken Mankel about his innovations with gas forges and anvils as well as experiences throughout his career. He shares valuable insights that will help farriers better master their craft.


Blacksmith Boot Camp: S1 E8 — Struggling to Pass an 8-Week Final Horse

This episode of Heartland Horseshoeing School’s Blacksmith Boot Camp, sponsored by GE Forge & Tool, features Ernesto, an 8-Weeker from Mexico. We see firsthand how the final horse practical exam is one of the most challenging aspects of Heartland. We see all the highlights of the 8-week final horse: two trims and two keg shoe fits from start to finish. This one is a roller coaster and the dramatic ending is no exception!

Hoof Injuries: What Your Vet Wants You to Know with Dr. Sara Cook

Dr. Sara Cook of Black Brook Veterinary Services talks with the Humble Hoof Podcast about hoof injuries and acute lameness. In this discussion, she mentions when to call the vet and what can be dealt with at home by the owner. This discussion also takes a side track into laminitis, and what the owner can do when dealing with a laminitic horse.

Beyond the Hoof Podcast: Shen-Yen Kuo

In the latest episode of the Beyond the Hoof Podcast, Canoga Farrier Supply owner Bobby Salsbury talks with Taiwan farrier Shen-Yen Kuo about his experience at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.



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