This page lists material that supplements the March issue of American Farriers Journal.

Gain more insight on forging

Supplement to "4 Stages of Learning for Becoming Skilled in the Fire" on page 22.

Gain more insight from Dr. Jenny Hagen

Supplement to "Anatomical Knowledge Opens the Door to Understanding Biomechanics" on page 26.

Sidebone Shoe

Supplement to "How to Achieve the Benefits of a Sidebone Shoe" on page 34.

3D Printing

Supplement to "Does 3D Printing Have a Future in Hoof Care?" on page 44.

Hospital Plates

  • Reading tips on using a hospital plate with a wedged solution. – Coming Soon!
  • Seeing how to secure a plate with a composite shoe. – Coming Soon!
  • Watch how Travis Burns modifies the SoundHorse Series III Plus Plate for a recessed four-bolt solution by joining the 2021 International Hoof-Care Summit Virtual Clinic Series. – Coming Soon!

Supplement to "Protecting the Foot with Hospital Plates" on page 48.

Gain more insight into drilling and tapping

Supplement to "Save Time and Money Drilling and Tapping Horseshoes" on page 52.

Square toe Shoe

  • Watch a video of Justin Frank making this square toe shoe, step by step – Coming Soon!

Supplement to "Steps to Make a High Scoring Square Toe Shoe" on page 56.

Learn how decreasing his service area made Danvers Child a more profitable business

  • Article Coming Soon!

Supplement to "Badass Rigs & Trailers: Small Trailer Adds to Career Longevity" on page 60.

2020 Rising Shoeing Starts

  • Watch a video of Gilad Friedman, CF, of Charlottesville, Va. – Coming Soon!
  • Watch a video of Mia A. Durham of Lake Luzerne, N.Y.  – Coming Soon!
  • Watch a video of Scott Bushaw, CJF, of Ames, Iowa – Coming Soon!

Supplement to "3 Farriers Receive Honors for Early Career Success" on page 64.

Learn more about foot health

  • Reading the other articles in this series.
  • Downloading Dr. Patricia Bona’s shoe shopping checklist – Coming Soon!
  • Watching Andreo Spina Intrinsic Foot Exercises, a video Dr. Patricia Bona recommends for weak and atrophied feet, fallen arches and knee issues – Coming Soon!

Supplement to Find the Best Shoes for Your Work on page 66.