Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions' ZENRG is an aromatic beige powder meant to be top-dressed on a horse’s meal. This complex blend of essential oils and magnesium provides calming support and focus enhancement. University research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of ZENRG on mood and stress, and has shown that stress hormone levels are reduced during stressful events when horses consume ZENRG. Because stress can have a major impact on gut health, which can lead to ulcers and colic, ZENRG also contains yeast culture to support gut health. ZENRG is ideal for horses in training or competition to improve focus and may reduce mare-ish, stallion-like and flighty behaviors. ZENRG is competition safe and contains no prohibited substances.

ZENRG may be used for daily maintenance or at a higher dose for fast-acting use 30 minutes prior to a stressful event.

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