The farrier industry continues to demonstrate its support of cancer-fighting charities by purchasing tools and equipment that benefit these causes.

Ray Steele, owner of Gill, Mas.-based HorseShoes Unlimited, announced that the sales of “Pinkies” — pink snow pads in both bubble and rim styles — has been a success for cancer research.

“The farrier community has raised over $1,000 for cancer research via the sale of ‘Pinkies’ snow pads, he told American Farriers Journal.

HorseShoes Unlimited was the latest company to organize campaigns in which proceeds from sales benefit cancer research. Steele pledged to donate 25% from each sale to the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute or the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Both institutions are renowned for their research and successful treatment of cancer.

International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame members Billy Crothers and Myron McLane teamed up to create the Pink Apron Charity in honor of their wives Lucy Crothers and Pat McLane, who passed away from breast cancer. The charity continues to collect donations on behalf of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Dan Bradley, a fellow Hall of Fame farrier, created the Shadowfax Forge “Sassy Pink” nippers also in honor of Lucy and Pat. There are 12- and 14-inch nippers featuring pink reins that are still available. Combined, the Pink Apron Charity and the “Sassy Pink” nippers has raised more than $23,000 for Breast Cancer Research. Order the nippers by contacting the Jefferson, Texas, farrier at (805) 441-9351 or