This page lists material that supplements the March issue of American Farriers Journal.

Tips for Tuning a Punch

Watch American Farriers Team member Adam Fahr of Paragould, Ark., demonstrate how he tunes a punch.

(Supplement to "Contents" on page 6.)


Gain more insight on forging by: 

(Supplement to "How to Recognize and Create Hoof Shapes" on page 14.)

Randy Luikart

Gain more insight from International Hall of Fame Farrier Randy Luikart by reading: 

(Supplement to "Support: What is it? " on page 30.)

2022 Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominate your top picks for the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame and International Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame:

Dr. Jenny Hagen

Gain more insight from Dr. Jenny Hagen by reading:

(Supplement to "How Shoe Modifications Change Pressure Distribution" on page 34.)

Fred Cleveland

Gain more insight from Fred Cleveland by reading: 

(Supplement to "Hall of Fame Farrier Fred Cleveland" on page 45.)

Hoof Crack Repair 

Gain more insight on choosing the proper shoe by:

(Supplement to "Ladder Method Elevates Crack Repair" on page 48.)

Arizona's Badass Rigs & Trailers

Check out Arizona farrier Eric Billingsley's Certified Badass Trailer in this video sponsored by Anvil Brand:

Supplement to "Time-tested Rig Proves its Worth" on page 56.)


Gain more insight on choosing the proper shoe by:

(Supplement to "Should it Stay or Should it Go?" on page 62.)