This page lists material that supplements the January/February issue of American Farriers Journal.

Shoeing for a Living Justin Galli

  • See video highlights from the day with Justin Galli showing his work to help prepare horses for the show ring – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Putting His Stamp on the Family Business" on page 16.)

Gain more insight on choosing the proper shoe by:

(Supplement to "Choose the Appropriate Horseshoe with WIDTH" on page 30.)

Gain more insight from Dr. Jenny Hagen by:

(Supplement to "Fetlock Support Aids Tendon and Ligament Injuries" on page 35.)

Learn more about mental health issues by:

(Supplement to "Seeing the Invisible Illness" on page 48.)

Learn more from Dr. Patricia Bona’s experience as an equine chiropractor by reading:

(Supplement to "No Foot, No Farrier" on page 52.)

Gain more insight on breakover by reading:

  •  Coming Soon

(Supplement to "What is Breakover? on page 56.)