Where Farriers Go for Hoof-Care Product Information

Some 64% of full-time farriers search supplier websites for product information. Some 39% purchase a portion of their farrier equipment and supplies online. Among farriers who buy a portion of their hoof-care products online, 42% of all of yearly purchases are made online. Some 39% of these online purchases are shipped to the farrier while 58% are picked up at farrier shops or from other sources.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study

In Your Hoof-Care Work, Have You Experienced Compassion Fatigue, Which is a Condition Characterized by Emotional and Physical Exhaustion Leading to a Diminished Ability to Empathize or Feel Compassion for Others?

Option    % of Farriers
Yes  76%
No  24%

— 2020 America Farriers Journal reader poll




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