Each Friday morning, we will be sharing several facts and figures that will be helpful in seeing how you measure up business-wise with other farriers. This edition of Friday's Farrier Facts & Figures is sponsored by Markel Insurance Co. To read more from this series, click here.

Seeking Hoof-Care Product Information

Two-thirds of farriers search supplier websites for product information. Some 39% purchase a portion of their farrier equipment and supplies online.

Among those farriers who buy products online, slightly more than one-third of their total product purchases are made online.

— 2016 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study

What Kind Of Equines Are Kept In Different Operations?

Among horse facilities, survey data from 2015 indicates that:

  • 93.8% of all operations have horses (excluding miniature horses).
  • 16.3% have donkeys or burros.
  • 16.1% have ponies on the premises.
  • 12.7% have miniature horses.
  • 7.7% have mules.

— Changes in the U.S. Equine Industry Report, 1998-2015, U.S. Department of Agriculture