The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking a farrier apprentice.

The position, which will be for 12 months, is designed to increase the knowledge and skills of the apprentice while serving at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Blacksburg, Va. The apprentice will have the opportunity to take the VM 8984 Equine Podiatry course.

“This course provides advanced training in Equine Podiatry for veterinary students intending to see horses as a significant part of their veterinary practice,” according to VMCVM. “Specifically, students will learn anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and farriery as they relate to preventative foot health care and management of lameness in clinical practice.”

In addition, the farrier apprentice also can attend lectures/labs in other courses. The farrier apprentice will be expected to assist with the instructional efforts of the service, specifically to farrier students and veterinary students.

The equine podiatry service is involved in about 1,200 cases annually at the teaching hospital and on farms. The service includes the Virginia Tech Equestrian Program, a Quarter Horse breeding operation within the Virginia Tech College of Animal and Poultry Services, as well as local clients and case referrals.

To be considered for the position, candidates must be a high school graduate and successfully completed a farrier school program and/or an apprenticeship with several months of experience. A candidates who have achieved certified farrier status with the American Farrier’s Association are preferred.

Interested candidates should apply by visiting the Virginia Tech careers website. The application period will close Nov. 27, 2020.

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