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The AFA Therapeutic Endorsement Explained

Farriers who are interested in attaining higher education beyond the American Farrier's Association Certified Journeyman Farrier designation may want to consider pursuing a Therapeutic Endorsement. In this video, Travis Burns, CJF, (TE, EE), FWCF spends a few minutes talking about what candidates can expect in the Therapeutic Endorsement examination.


Managing Equine Thrush

Mike Barker of Life Data Labs discusses the causes of equine thrush and how to stop and prevent cycles of thrush from developing in this Life Data Labs webinar replay. Barker also answers questions about thrush and other hoof issues.


Modifications for Hoof Support in Lateral Activities

International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame Farrier Dave Farely shares a modification on the Kerckhaert SX-10 unclipped shoes that he uses regularly in this FPD presentation. He uses this modification for his work with horses that have to do a lot of turns in both directions.


Anatomy of the Vagal Nerve

Catherine Wycoff, a physical therapist for humans and for horses, shares what she has learned about the vagal nerve responses in horses and humans and their connection with the trigeminal nerve in this conversation with Wendy Murdoch, creator of the Sure Foot Equine Stability Program


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