A new opportunity for accomplished farriers and trimmers has just been announced by hoof boot company, Cavallo Horse & Rider. Followers of the global “Barefoot & Booted” lifestyle will be excited to know that Cavallo is now accepting applicants for its new Associate Sellers Program. If you’re a knowledgeable source of all things hoof-related, you might be a great fit for the position of Cavallo Associate.

Associates include farriers and other equine specialists who are experts in providing and maintaining the barefoot trim. They have a variety of experiences, qualifications and training in equine hoof care, but share Cavallo’s commitment to provide education and advocacy in the Barefoot Horse philosophy. Duties include visiting clients and providing Barefoot Trims.

The application process is simple. First, contact Cavallo for an application and complete it. Once an application is received and approved, an information package will be sent to the applicant, outlining the program details. Qualified applicants may also purchase a custom Cavallo Fit Kit at a discounted price. 

Cavallo Horse & Rider is a company that believes the best way to care for your horse’s hooves is the way nature intended. Their alternative boots keep horses comfortably barefoot to support their long-term health and well-being. Carole Herder started the business with her husband, Greg, to encourage a barefoot lifestyle for equines.

For more information or to receive an application form, contact Cavallo by phone at (877) 818-0037 or email at info@cavallo-inc.com. This program is only available in North America.