This page lists material that supplements the January/February 2020 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Operating a Multi-farrier Practice

  • Jason and Dawn Critton explain how they operate C-Cross Farriers, their Sedalia, Colo. multi-farrier practice. – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "3 Vital Principles Guide Team’s Farriery" on page 26.)

Body Mass and Height Influence Horses’ Feet

  • More insight from Kirsty Lesniak’s research – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Why a Horse’s Size Really Matters" on page 12.)

Chris Niclas’ Drawing a Non-distorted Foot from the Solar Aspect

  • Downloading an illustration grid so you can draw your own foot. – Coming Soon
  • Watching a demonstration video of how Niclas draws a non-distorted a foot. – Coming Soon
  • Downloading the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization’s Hoof Evaluation Protocol and its full-color chart on identifying hoof and frog distortions. – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Recognize Distortion by Drawing a Foot" on page 37.)

Managing Abscesses

(Supplement to "Detecting and Treating Subsolar Abscesses" on page 54.)

Addressing Conformational Defects

(Supplement to "Why a Horse’s Size Really Matters" on page 12)

Pre-purchase Exams

  • Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Should Farriers Be More Involved in Pre-purchase Exams?" on page 58.)