The SBS Crack Filler Kit II is a convenient two-part adhesive hoof repair kit that allows its user to use only what is need with no waste. The kit is very easy to use and effective for repairing small hoof cracks and gouges. Adhesive cures in 20 minutes. The Kit helps to restore the integrity of the hoof wall but is not intended for quarter cracks, hoof infections or if deep hoof structures are involved.

Each 2 ounce kit provides enough material for 2-8 repairs, depending on the size of the area being treated. The adhesive is impervious to urine, water and contaminates after it cures. It becomes a part of the hoof and grows out with the hoof. The adhesive can be trimmed and rasped to a smooth finish like a normal hoof. The SBS Crack Filler Kit II has 100% more adhesive than the original 1 ounce syringe. The syringe design contains improved seals at the end of the barrels that effectively double the product’s shelf life over the original syringe dispenser.

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