SBS Equine's SAV-A-HOOF PROTECTANT II is a dual-action hoof conditioner that works equally as well in both wet or dry climatic conditions. It seals-out excessive external moisture and contaminants from the environment and seals-in the beneficial internal moisture from the blood supply. SAV-A-HOOF PROTECTANT II is a natural sealant that coats the entire hoof. It rejuvenates the frog's function as an effective cushion and blood pump. Almost nothing sticks to the battle-hardened finish after buffing with a clean, dry cloth. 

The dual-action formula contains plant-based emulsions and animal proteins, which replaces the periople (nature's protective coating) lost through abrasion and rasping. The Protectant also includes long-lasting ingredients that provide hooves with an antiseptic barrier against infection that is safe for horses, humans and the environment.

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