This page lists material that supplements the September/October 2018 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Further Readings from Reader Commentary

Read "Help Your Backyard Horse Practice Thrive With These Business Tips" By Heather Smith Thomas
Read "Q&A: Delinquent Payments"
Read "Friday's Farrier Facts & Figures Customers Who Owe Money | Size Of Equine Operations"

(Supplement to "Reader commentary" on page 14.)

Doug Butler's March/April 1986 Article

Download "Educating Horseowners About Common Hoof Diseases" By Doug Butler and  Jeff Douglas

(Supplement to "From the AFJ Archives" on page 58.)

More On Multi-Farrier Practices

Read "Considerations For Launching A Multi-Farrier Practice"

(Supplement to "Starting A Multi-Farrier Practice" on page 68.)

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