Ugh ... It's "payment in cash at the time of service, I will gladly provide receipt" OR I always end up regretting "being nice". Whenever I allow someone to say pay by PayPal "that one time" or "mail me a check", it's always late and usually arrives without extra money to cover PayPal fees - $94 is quite different than $100 that they owed. Thus far, everybody paid - I only allowed 3 clients to "slip" like this - but it's been really aggravating to me having to nag for payment or worry just when it's going to arrive or should I ping them again.
—Ilona Chodnicka

I have very little problem with this. I require payment on time of service. If a check bounces, they are no longer accepted from that client. It is cash on the spot. If they don't pay, I drop them. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

I don't do billing. Payment is rendered at time of service therefore I never have any bills outstanding.
—Esco Buff, PhD, APF, CF

I'm lucky to have very few of these! One though, is ALWAYS late, and the lasr shoer dumped the client because of it. I confess, I wouldn't pay him, either. It's the wife, though, who cannot stand writing checks. The horse is overdue right now and the last payment still hasn't arrived. I talked to the woman and she just stalled. If I dump their horses, I will have no more work at that barn! Whenever I lose my last horse at a given barn, I NEVER get new calls from there. I have to find a way to squeeze this client without alienating her. I'm about to make a call to the barn owner, who likewise would rather stay out of this.

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