Nouvelle Research is seeking equine candidates for a study on laminitis, according to a press release published by the company.

“Despite the amount of research dollars spent on finding a solution, we have made no significant strides in recovery or management rates [of laminitis],” according to the press release. “There have been no new medications developed but many therapies have been explored, with some having merit while others fail.”

Dr. Tom Schell will be leading the study to assess different treatments and determining their effectiveness in laminitic horses.

He will be studying three different methods of treatment to determine their effect on the horse’s laminitis:

Barefoot trimming using proper balance to restore alignment of the coffin bone.

Changing the horse’s diet by reducing consumption of carbohydrates and processed food while increasing whole-food nutrients to support a healthy hindgut.

Utilizing supplements to alter inflammation and oxidative stress, which affect circulation, pain and tissue health.

To be eligible for the study, the horse owner must be able to transport their horse to Nouvelle’s facility every 2 weeks. Additionally, the horse must have ongoing laminitis issues and owners must follow the diet and supplement instructions.

Treatment will be provided at to no cost to the horse owner, with the exception of minimal fees for supplements.

For information or to inquire about enrolling your horse, contact Schell at