Advanced Equine Comfort (AEC) announced the release of Easy’s Performance Slipper for hind feet. This marks the first glue-on horseshoe on the market available for hind feet. The hind slippers have all the benefits of Easy’s Performance Slipper and help horses that need shoeing on all four feet.

Research and development at AEC is studying the benefits of the hind shoes on horses with stifle joint issues. After a 6-month study, Anna (a Tennessee Walker) is more comfortable and flexible due to the shock absorption and vibration dissipation from the slipper.

“While you can never replace the synovial fluid in the stifle joint, you can enable a more fluid movement for the horse thanks to shoeing,” says Sue Blair, founder and CEO of AEC. “Anna is now 16 years old and has been wearing her custom Easy’s Performance hind slippers with measurable improvement.”

The slipper is designed specifically for the hind foot, which has a different shape from the front. AEC offers sizes 0 and 1 and will have 00 to 3 available soon.

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