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Online Extras: December 2022

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  • Open the Books
  • More Than Feet
  • Hoof-Care Events
  • Floating Heels and Quarters
  • Shoeing Arabians and high-low horses 
  • More insight on equine teeth 

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Online Extras: November 2022

  • Get More Online
  • Study Results
  • Gain more insight about effective client communications
  • More Forging Challenges 
  • Looking Back at the Early Days of Wellington

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Online Extras: July/August 2022

  • Farriers Week
  • More Business Management Tips
  • Remembering Bill Miller
  • Gain more insight on Shoeing for a Living
  • Gain more insight about the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s regulations
  • Gain more insight on the Benefits of the Omni-Directional Shoe
  • Gain more insight on shoeing sport horses and high-low

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Online Extras: May/June 2022

  • Mechanics of Hoof Support
  • The Benefits of Sidebone Shoes
  • Mediolateral Balance
  • Scabs and Quarter Cracks
  • Gain more insight from Laura Gillespie and Mike Hayward
  • Gain more insight on International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Tom Curl’s method for patching quarter cracks

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Online Extras: April 2022

  • Forward Thinking
  • Gain more insight from Doug Corey
  • Gain more insight from Laura Gillespie and Mike Hayward
  • Gain more insight about copper-alloy horseshoes
  • Gain more insight on Pads
  • Gain more insight on tools
  • Gain more insight about how nutrition influences hoof health

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Online Extras: March 2022

  • Sure Footing
  • References for Stephen Teichman's Research
  • Gain more insight on heart-bar horseshoes
  • Gain more insight from Stuart Muir
  • Identify and Treat Thrush
  • Steve Stanley's Shop

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Online Extras: January/February 2022

  • “Shoeing to Support Fetlock Joints Affected by Tendon and Ligament Injuries,” 
  • “How Horseshoe Modifications Change Pressure Distribution at the Hoof’s Weight-Bearing Surface,”
  • “Tendons and Suspensory Ligament Provide the Horse Power and Stability,” 

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Online Extras: December 2021

  • Casting Call — Dr. Stephen O’Grady offers tips and insights into using an effective casting technique.
  • Hall of Fame Insight Gain more insight from Randy Luikart on other thought-provoking hoof-care essays.
  • Unlocking the Stifle Learn more about the stifle’s hook-and-loop system from Dr. Deb Bennett.
  • It’s All in the Trim Read Dr. Jenny Hagen’s research on how trimming methods influence a horse’s gait and load.

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