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Detecting and Treating Subsolar Abscesses

A conservative approach may provide relief without compromising overall hoof integrity
Your client called. Her horse is three-legged lame, and she thinks it’s an abscess. What should you do? For many farriers, the answer is easy: evaluate the lameness, and if it’s an abscess, drain the infection and keep the hoof clean and dry afterward.
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Final Say

Veterinarian-Farrier Relationships Grow In The Absence Of Egos

I enjoy discussing veterinarian-farrier relationships. This subject reminds me of a quote from the legendary Baltimore Sun writer H.L. Mencken: “For every complex problem there is a solution that is clear, simple and wrong.” There’s not an easy answer to the question on improving veterinarian-farrier relationships because we are complex individuals.

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The Black, White And Gray Of Ethics

There are situations that are so clearly split between right and wrong that there is no question as to what the ethical decision should be. A classic example is finding a lost wallet containing identification and money. The ethical person returns it to the owner; the unethical person does not.
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Just the Facts?

Equine vet Dave Ramey says results from shoeing studies don’t always agree with past practices and assumptions
For decades, farriers have held to long-accepted standards and practices. Yet how accurate are these dogmatic principles?
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The Murky Waters of Navicular Disease

What we used to understand about navicular disease has changed a great deal. Still, veterinarian David Ramey is optimistic about how we treat what we thought we knew
When David Ramey left veterinary school in the early 1980s, the approach to navicular disease was more simplistic than today.
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