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Getting A Handle On Hammers

Selecting, maintaining and using one of the most important tools in your box
What do a hammer handle and a wooden spoke from an Amish buggy have in common? For Hall Of Fame farrier Roy Bloom, both represent quality and durability.
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Briefings May/June 2016

Lameness Occurs The Most Of All Equine Medical Problems

According to federal researchers, lameness has the highest annual incident density of all medical problems in horses, DVM360 Magazine reports. Half of all horse operations with five or more horses have one or more cases of lameness annually. Another federal report estimates lameness incidence at 7.5% to 13.7% annually.

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Farrier Q&A: April 2016

What is the best tool modification that you use? What are the steps involved in doing this?
What is the best tool modification that you use? What are the steps involved in doing this?
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Improve Your Tool Efficiency

Proper care and use will make your job easier and boost your bottom line
The earliest evidence of human cultural behavior is the manufacture of tools. Early man was developing tools to make tasks easier for at least 2.6 million years. Oldowan tools — the oldest-known stone tool industry — have been unearthed throughout Africa with the oldest found in Gona, Ethiopia.

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Tool Tips From A Tool Master

Wisconsin farrier Roy Bloom shares several quick tips for getting the most from the tools you use everyday
If Drummond, Wis., farrier Roy Bloom is at a clinic, it’s a good bet that tools are going to come up. After all, the Hall Of Fame farrier and American Association of Professional Farriers/Canadian Association of Professional Farriers treasurer has built a reputation as a superior toolmaker.
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Driving Hammer Test Drives

There's no shortage of choices in this tool, but what should the beginner look for?
Farriers are known to be particular about their tools — none more so that the driving hammer – which comes into play every time a shoe is nailed onto the hoof.
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American Farriers Journal Checklist

Hammering Home Quality

THE OLD ADAGE, “You get what you pay for,” is true more often than not — especially when it comes to buying farrier tools.
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