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Pad Choice

RIM PADS: Simple and Useful in Skilled Hands

The most basic of pads is the rim pad – but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t complexities in its use. As with any pad, the most important think is to apply it correctly. Rim pads are most often used for absorbing shock and concussion, according to Blake Brown, a veteran farrier from Penryn, Calif.

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Recognize Pedal Osteitis & Stop It Cold

The signature sign is a crescent-shaped bruise on the sole along the edge of the coffin bone, but the condition is not always so easy to diagnose

Pedal osteitis, an inflammation of the coffin bone usually resulting from severe bruising of the sole or consistent pressure on the bone, often reveals itself through an obvious, crescent-shaped bruise on the bottom of the foot.

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Online With The Farriers' Forum

Cocked, Bowed-Back Pasterns

Recently I was called to shoe a 4-year-old horse that had lived his whole life in a pasture in Nebraska. He was barely halter broke and had never had his hooves trimmed!

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Vet's Corner

Treating Pedal Osteitis and Founder

This veterinarian/farrier says it’s important to act early to prevent this painful condition
Over the last 14 years, I’ve been working as a veterinarian and horseshoer on many kinds of lameness cases including founder and laminitis.
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