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Measurement Of The Hoof-Pastern Axis For Foot Management

The benefit of this system in the consistency and measurability of the hoof-pastern axis
As footcare professionals know, the angle formed by the bony column of the phalanges with the hoof wall is referred to as the hoof-pastern axis (HPA), and is considered ideal when the dorsal surface of the hoof is parallel to the alignment of the digital bones (Figure 1).1
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What About the Bony Column?

Proper alignment of angles, checking hoof-pastern axis are still seen as a critical foundation of good farriery.
Are farriers paying enough attention to aligning the bony column? Are they making enough of an effort to achieve an ideal hoof-pastern axis when possible? Or do some farriers overemphasize this concept as they work to balance hooves?
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