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Veterinarians' Roundtable

I believe there are several effects on the tissues and vasculature within the foot when the horse’s foot is primarily suspended by the perimeter hoof wall, thus suspending the sole, frog and bars from the ground. To understand these effects, it is important to review how the foot functions.
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One-Time Barber, All-Time Farrier

From shoer and educator to designer and manufacturer, Donald Jones has covered a lot of ground in farriery

“C’MON IN AND HAVE A SEAT,” says Donald Jones, showing the way to a barber’s chair in the middle of the room. Jones sits down in an old office chair and turns away from a messy desktop in a corner of the slightly cluttered, dark-paneled office.

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The Blame Game

Lame horses might have legitimate complaints, but they don’t point fingers at farriers. Should you?
When dissatisfied with the work of a farrier, one horse owner told us, she likes to “hit the nail on the head and get the air cleared. It isn’t always pretty, but it’s a necessary evil.”
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A Farrier's Viewpoint

What's The Point Of The "Four Point?"

In an in-depth analysis, this farrier maintains the four-point trim should neither be a common practice nor a crutch to lean on when other trimming and shoeing methods fail

 As you might guess, the four-point trim is a method of trimming horses with both advocates and adversaries.

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