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New Summit “Sounding Board” Members

American Farriers Journal welcomes 11 industry leaders to the International Hoof-Care Summit Advisory Board
Much of the success the International Hoof-Care Summit has enjoyed is due to the American Farriers Journal staff listening closely to the wants and needs of those of you involved in professional hoof care.
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The International Hosershoeing Hall Of Fame

Halls of Fame Welcome 11 New Members

Seven farriers and four equine veterinarians from around the world are honored for their dedication and passion in promoting hoof care
The 2010 classes were added to the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame during a ceremony at the International Hoof-Care Summit on Thursday, Feb. 3 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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One Vet’s Approach To Laminitis

With the magic bullets of prevention and cure still eluding researchers, Kentucky veterinarian Robert Hunt believes management of laminitis begins with a thorough understanding of what could be happening and continual examination of treatments
“There are no diseases in medicine that we deal with that have the complexity and the duration over time — especially in the equine end — as what we encounter with laminitis.”
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Veterinarians' Roundtable

Do veins and arteries repair or regenerate after being damaged? If so, is there anything a farrier can do to encourage that process? Could a farrier harm healthy arteries and veins? If so, how? —Idaho Farrier
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A Pain in the Back End

Four veterinarians discuss the all-too-common problem of palmar foot pain

How many horses in your practice battle palmar foot pain, riding that razor edge between working soundness and days off? Pain originating in the palmar or rearward section of the foot isn’t a very specific diagnosis, but it certainly affects a lot of horses — and thereby a lot of farriers.

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Veterinarians' Roundtable

How much bone remodeling can we expect to take place on a 10-year-old horse with prominent splaying out of the front feet after we remove extra horn from the bottom along the outside edge of the hoof?

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