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Understanding What You See Before, During and After

You can’t deliver hoof care without building a thorough and consistent system of evaluating horses’ feet
There is a joke that if you ask a group of 10 farriers about the right way to trim a foot, you'll get 10 different answers. There are dozens of variations to this joke, from the number of farriers, what they can't agree on and how many responses you'll get.
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Veteran farriers

Confidence to Handle High-End Performance Horses

Veteran farriers weigh in on how to improve your confidence for working with moneymaking horses
Regardless of a farrier's client base, confidence in one's ability is necessary. Whether it is your first shoeing job or hundredth, you need to gauge your level of knowledge and go about your practice with certainty.
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Alternatives to Traditional Shoes

Having proved themselves much more than a fad years ago, non-metal shoes have become essential tools for many farriers in helping horses
Non-metal horseshoes, in their most rudimentary form, date back to the ancients with a grass sandal protecting the hoof. In the modern era, as technology advanced, farriers gained a variety of options made from synthetic materials.
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Mike Hayward

There's Just a Little More to Balance

New farrier finds similarities to former career training and trimming elephants
Even in a profession known for unlikely beginnings, Mike Hayward’s route to becoming a farrier is unusual. Before he turned to shoeing horses, Hayward, a native of Somerset, England, was the head elephant trainer for the Blue Unit at the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.
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Three-Ring Farrier

Shoeing for a circus provides farrier Steve Wiberg with the chance to get out of the norm and meet farriers throughout the nation
Any boy worth his salt in snips and snails and puppy dog tails has dreamed of running away with the circus. For most of us, mortgages, car payments and other lackluster adult concerns eventually replace any aspirations we had of joining the circus.
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