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Q&A: July/August 2017

What are your best tips for repairing or maintaining your farrier tools?
A: I use a Dremel tool with a cut off blade to knurl the head of my driving hammer. This helps prevent me from bending nails. I only have one good eye and without the knurled head, I’ll bend too many nails.
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Tool Care

Tool Maintenance: Down to the Numbers

Wear and tear adds up, one hammer blow or usage at a time
When Dan Bradley discusses farrier tool maintenance, the numbers just keep piling up. And the farrier from Lucedale, Miss., and longtime clinician with G.E. Forge & Tool, says those numbers don’t lie.
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Tool Care

Sharp, Sharp, Sharper!

Here’s an easy-to-follow hoof knife sharpening process to make trimming much more efficient
More farriers are relying on low-cost buffers and sharpening wheels as a more effective way of sharpening and honing hoof knives.
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Tool Care

Don't Let Your Tools Die Young

A veteran farrier shares insights he’s gained on getting more life out of your shoeing tools
What’s the best way for farriers to avoid tool damage? “Don’t use them,” Bob Schantz jokingly told those gathered for his presentation on tool care and maintenance and maintenance at the 2010 International Hoof-Care Summit.
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Common Sense, Regular Care Lengthen Tool Life

Farriers depend on their tools to help them make a living so keeping them on the job as long as possible makes good economic sense
To get longer life from your horseshoeing tools, you don't have to be an expert tool craftsman says Dan Bradley. The farrier from Lucerne, Miss., — who is such an expert craftsman — says extending tool life is largely a matter of paying attention to small details and following manufacturer's suggestions.
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