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Nutrient Strategies

Feeding For Breeding

Here’s how your footcare clients can provide broodmares with the extra nutritional support needed when pregnant or nursing
A broodmare who is brooding may appear relaxed and contented on the outside as her midsection expands. But inside, her growing foal is making ever-increasing demands on her body, which will only dramatically increase after she gives birth.
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Feeding Pony
Nutrient Strategies

Dealing With Carbohydrates, Energy and Other Nutritional Mysteries

Given the opportunity and good health, the horses you work with will choose to consume enough feed to meet their energy needs
If forages provide the “maintenance” energy that horses need for the workings of everyday life — grazing, sleeping, wandering from pasture to pasture, maintaining internal temperature — then cereal grains like oats, corn and barley are the turbo-charged portion of the diet.
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Hooves Budding In The Womb

Development of the equine leg and foot
In routine stud veterinary practice, the mare’s pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound examinations at varying times from 13 days after ovulation.
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Founder During Pregnancy, Customer Not Following Advice

Q: I work on an 8-year old Morgan mare that has a somewhat cresty neck and is a little overweight. Previous owners reported that she foundered during both of her pregnancies (but not saying whether they overfed her grain, or made other changes to her or her environment once she was bred).
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