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Shoeing for a Living

Who Are You Working For?

A day spent with Illinois farrier Tom Rock reinforces that a successful hoof-care practice is built on a commitment to providing footcare on an individual horse’s basis and solid business practices
Tom Rock, like other farriers, is a strong advocate of pursuing hobbies and interests outside of the equine world. He’s a knowledgeable farrier and a solid horseman, but says if you don’t “get away” from it once in a while, you’ll burn out. The Wadsworth, Ill., farrier has a few pursuits outside of farriery to relax — chief among these being golf.
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2013 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Trailer And Truck Setup

At the 2013 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, farrier Tom Rock tells us about his rig setup, and what he likes about his current trailer organization/utilization.
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Farrier Software

What's In Your Toolbox?

Whether you are looking to educate your clients, provide a new service or maintain your business records, computer software could be the change your practice needs
When hearing the word “technology,” farriers may immediately visualize products such as a laptop or cell phone. Useful technology, however, is not solely limited to devices but also includes the programs and software that can be run on them.
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Farriery and the iPad: A Good Fit?

Having each taken one of Apple’s sleek iPads for a ride-along, two tech-savvy shoers see new possibilities for fellow farriers
Every farrier knows the importance of regular maintenance for keeping a foot healthy and a horse happy. In the same way, a farrier’s business must be kept up-to-date to prosper and to stay competitive.
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On the Fence?

Read some of your contemporaries’ testimonials on why the Summit is a terrific experience
When a new hoof-care tool comes out, do you solely rely on the manufacturers' input? When it is time for a new truck or trailer, so you only talk to the dealer?
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