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Good Ideas To Improve Your Rig

Farriers, manufacturers share tips to make your job easier
When a farrier starts opening up a shoeing rig at a clinic, a curious thing occurs. The stories that are being swapped among the small pockets of congregants in the parking lot begin to lose their allure, and an easygoing migration begins. Like moths to a flame, farriers can’t resist checking out someone else’s shoeing rig. They amble on over, greet the farrier who graciously offers the welcome distraction and casually explore the mobile office.
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3 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Rig

A reliable, well-planned portable workstation is a boon for any farrier. It stores your tools, equipment and supplies. It’s a rolling billboard that promotes your business. Simply put, it’s your office and it needs to serve your needs efficiently to maximize your income potential.

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2015 Int'l Hoof-Care Summit (Trade Show)

Stonewell Bodies Features 60" x 72" Mini Trailer

Lou Sposito of Stonewell Bodies features the Stonewell 60" x 72" Mini Trailer on the Trade Show floor at the 2015 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. This trailer includes features such as a slide-out shoe rack, pad rack, bandsaw setup, slide-out double drill press drawer and motorized anvil stand.
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Four Ways Shoeing Rigs Can Improve Your Efficiency

Organization, lighter units and, yes, coffee makers can save you time and money
It's been said that efficiency is intelligent laziness. While shoeing eight horses a day hardly is considered a leisurely workday, there's something to be said about an economy of movement at the shoeing rig.
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Product Knowledge

What Are Farriers Looking for In Shoeing Rigs?

Manufacturers note trends among shoeing rig purchases and outfitting that indicate how many farriers are approaching more efficient rigs
Ever since the farrier trade evolved from largely a stationary profession to a mobile one, the shoeing rig has become a necessity for most practices. The farrier rig must be equipped with necessary tools and adequate supplies to handle the horses and their needs forecast for that day.
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2013 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Trade Show: Stonewell Debuts Farrier Trailer

Lou Sposito of Stonewell Bodies tells American Farriers Journal about their new walk-in designed trailer, which 2013 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees are able to experience on the trade show floor. This trailer was made to fill in a gap Stonewell saw in the market, and is the first of it's type in their line of products.
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2012 AAEP Convention

[Video] Lou Sposito

At the 2012 AAEP Convention, American Farriers Journal editor/publisher Frank Lessiter speaks with Lou Sposito of Stonewell Bodies about trends in farrier rigs.
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