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Migrating Clients Require Farrier Communication And Collaboration

As seasons change and horses move between locations, farriers in different states must work together to keep horse hooves healthy
Farriers spend a lot of energy, effort and expertise to keep their charges’ feet in tip-top shape so that their clients can continue year-round. Some farriers have clients who opt to migrate their horses to other locations beyond their “home base” for part of the year, such as those whose clients show during the winter in Florida.
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What You Need To Know: Drill Bits And Taps

You likely haven’t thought much about your drill bits and taps, but this quick tutorial will help you save time and money
When it comes time to buy a new drill bit, I think most farriers either stop by the local hardware store or just add what they need onto their supply order. Having grown up in family that worked in machining and manufacturing, I gained awareness that there are differences in drill bits and taps beyond their sizes.
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2013 International Hoof-Care Summit

[Video] Using Studs For Traction

At the 2013 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dave Farley discusses using studs for traction and what helps him determine where he drills and taps the stud holes.
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Studs: Placement Is The Key

They’ll add traction and improve performance — so long as you know where to put them
Most farriers have had experience using studs at some point in their career; be it for winter traction, or for a performance aspect.
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Farrier explains how the horses who carry New York's Tallest are kept safe and sound and shares what he's learned about traction
The New York City Police Department has 100 horses to patrol the city's five boroughs.
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Stable Footing

Using traction devices such as screw-in studs or drive-in calks offer much-needed grip and protection, but farriers say use only when absolutely needed
Providing your client's horses with proper traction is critical toward keeping the horse safe, ensuring healthy feet, preventing injury and getting the optimum performance out of shoes.
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