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Hoof Beats: Speed Shoes

Sometimes farriers work as a two-person team in order to shorten the duration. One works the floor (horse); this is normally the farrier in charge of the shop. The other works the fire (shoe making). Both people do their part with the idea of doing as much work simultaneously as possible. (By the way, please don't ask the farrier's assistant to hold the horse as he is there to help with other task.)
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Shoe-Fitting Tips from the AFJ Archives

Placing a shoe so that it meets an equine athlete’s needs is an important part of shoeing performance horses
Most farriers will tell you that a proper trim is the most important part of shoeing a horse. But fitting a shoe properly is also right up there.
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Research Journal

Although anecdotal information had suggested the link years earlier, this California study was the first to identify a link between toe grabs and risk of fatal musculoskeletal injury (FMI) in Thoroughbred racehorses.

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Florida... Where Winter Shoeing Is Jumping

There's plenty of excitement and shoeing work when 4,000 horses, 5,000 participants and 228 farriers head to southern Florida for the winter equestrian season.
WHEN TEMPERATURES dip below the freezing mark in the northern states, hundreds of thousands of retired folks head for Florida for anywhere from a week to a few months to enjoy the warm winter weather.
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Check Scientific Shoeing Info From AAEP

PLENTY OF NEW IDEAS relating to lameness treatment, new tools for examining feet and legs, unique shoeing ideas, changing relationships between heel and toe angles, surgical options for foot concerns and much more of interest to farriers were presented at December's American Association of Equine Practitioners meeting.
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