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Booknotes: An Unparalled Presentation Of Equine Anatomy

The Illustrated Horse’s Foot (A Comprehensive Guide)

The Illustrated Horse’s Foot (A Comprehensive Guide) is the latest book by veterinary surgeon and researcher Christopher C. Pollitt. Released in December 2015 by Elsevier as a follow-up to Pollit’s renowned book, Color Atlas of the Horse’s Foot, which is no longer in print. This 272-page book is a must-have for all equine practitioners specifically all farriers and equine veterinarians.

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Product Innovation

How 3D Printing Is Advancing Hoof Care

This technology aids the understanding of anatomy and shows promise with improving equine health
In 2013, scientists with Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) made headlines by making titanium shoes. The buzz wasn't so much that the plates were titanium - after all, shoes have been made from this material before. Instead, it was the process in which they are made.
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Horses appear able to exert a fine degree of control over the temperature of their feet probably due to some type of central mechanism, says Australian hoof researcher Chris Pollitt.
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Chris Pollitt says no therapeutic treatment plan exists based on using biological or chemotherapeutic agents to stop or prevent the triggering of laminitis.
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