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Preventing And Addressing Hoof Flares

Identifying and correctly managing deformations are critical to keeping horses sound
Hoof flare is one of the most common issues facing farriers today. Yet as often as it’s seen, hoof flare is also potentially crippling to the horse. Recognizing hoof flare and treating it can be crucial to keeping your clients’ horses healthy and sound.
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Frankly Speaking

New Concerns Occur With Pasture-Induced Laminitis

As the grass starts to grow and turn green this spring, many of your footcare clients will be concerned about potential laminitis problems. While it's a legitimate concern, some data I've come across recently from Rutgers University researchers indicates there may be other laminitis issues than just lush grass.
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More Thoughts On Breakover

Hoof-care professionals talk about the topic often, but sometimes aren’t even starting from the same definition
Breakover. Enhancing breakover. Easing breakover. Changing breakover. It's one of the most frequently used terms in the farrier vocabulary. Everyone seems to have thoughts and opinions and - surprise, surprise - they often aren't the same.
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Manipulating Foot Function

While the impact of shoeing on foot function is well documented, the biomechanics aren’t as easily understood
There’s been plenty of hoof research conducted on foot function over the years. And a general summary of existing research data conducted by Andy Parks indicates nailing on steel shoes limits the expansion of the foot and increases the magnitude and frequency of impact vibrations as the foot hits the ground.
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Research Journal

A clinical investigation into the underlying cause of equine hoof canker was conducted in Austria. Tissue samples from 24 canker specimens were examined for the presence of viral DNA from the papilloma virus that causes warts in cattle and has been associated with sarcoid tumors in horses.
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Therapeutic Shoeing

Proper Planning, Teamwork Play Big Role

Advancements in materials and techniques offer hope for serious injuries, but place premium on continuing hoof-care education
Therapeutic shoeing has made great advances in the past few decades, partly because there’s more interest in this specialty, and also because of the development of better methods for dealing with therapeutic situations.
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