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Frankly Speaking: Farrier Tools Tell Stories

Adam Fahr's article on tuning a punch in the March issue of American Farriers Journal is a reminder of how tough farriers are on their tools, as well as the need for maintaining them. A well-crafted and maintained tool repays your investment many times over.

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Understand Farrier Terminology and How it is Used

Farrier Bob Pethick finds veterinarians can hurt a farrier’s reputation by using incorrect terminology in the absence of understanding with the client.
The health and well-being of the horse should be the ultimate goal for the veterinarian and farrier in lameness cases. According to New Jersey farrier Bob Pethick, that end demands the two parties work together to be successful, especially when helping performance horses stay in or return to the show ring.
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Successfully Working with Farriers Will Help the Horse

“Neither of us can be successful in helping the horse without the other.” This is a simple statement, but rang loudly when I interviewed farrier Bob Pethick for this report. The Hall of Fame farrier, who has nearly 50 years of experience, works with dozens of vets each year on lameness cases. He recognizes that farriers and veterinarians putting egos aside, providing mutual respect and working together helps deliver the best outcome for the horses in their care.
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Club Foot or Upright Foot? It’s All About the Angles

Proper diagnosis is important to determine a maintenance plan
It’s not uncommon to observe minor asymmetries in any horse’s feet. But when there is a significant difference between a pair of hooves, typically the front, the unevenness may be attributable to club foot. Club feet are estimated to be present in 5% to 20% of the equine population.
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Reinforcing the Basics of Horseshoeing

In his fifth decade of shoeing, Bob Pethick still holds true to the principles that have helped him manage horses’ feet
“It all comes down to the basics.” We’ve all heard that, so much that it seems to be a cliché among some in farriery. But this has never become a passing phrase when it comes from Bob Pethick.
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Does Grooving Benefit Quarter Cracks?

Hall Of Fame farrier Bob Pethick challenges its effects on heel displacement
Is the practice of grooving beneficial when managing a quarter crack? Conventional wisdom seems to indicate that it does. However, Bed­minster, N.J., farrier Bob Pethick had doubts. So when a client, who happened to be a veterinarian, bought a Quarter Horse with a bleeding quarter crack and a displaced heel quarter on the front foot, the Hall Of Fame farrier was presented with an opportunity to experiment.
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Farriers at Work: Bob Pethick

In his fifth decade of shoeing, Bob Pethick still holds true to the principles that have helped him manage horses’ feet.

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